A short film

 by Adan Canto

Written by Stephanie Ann Canto

Produced by Cathleen Sutherland and Adan Canto 

Cinematography by Gonzalo Amat

Original Music by Dalal Bruchmann

Edited by Richard Mettler

Executive Producers Derek Nordeen, Julie Nordeen

 Co Executive Producer Derek O'Neal

Associate Producer  Lyndy Narvaez-Canto

Starring Stephanie Ann Canto, Theo Rossi, Walt Roberts, Austin Alexander and Linnea Magdamo 

Director bio


Actor turned Director Adan Canto, was born in Acuna, Cohahuilla Mexico. Canto began his artistic career as a Jazz Musician before finding success as a Theater Actor in Mexico City. Eventually making his way into Film and Television, Canto has spent the past 2 decades living and working extensively in New York City, Los Angeles and Mexico City. Notable roles include: Paul Torres from Fox’s “The Following,” Sunspot from “X-Men’s: Days of Future Past,” Senator Rodrigo Lara Bonilla from the Netflix hit “Narcos,” and most recently as Aaron Shore in the Netflix Political Drama opposite Kiefer Sutherland, “Designated Survivor.” Canto directed his first short film in 2013 and continues to develop projects from his Los Angeles based production company Canto House Pictures.  

the shot

A young mother is forced to extreme measures when a Texas Ranger and his mysterious partner seek shelter from the rain. Set in 1844, Republic of Texas, The Shot is a story of survival and prejudice.


Gonzalo Amat (Director of Photography)


Emmy nominated Cinematographer Gonzalo Amat recently finished his fourth season on “Man In The High Castle” with Amazon Studios.  Born in Spain and raised in Mexico City, he currently resides with his family in Brooklyn, NY. 

Cathleen Sutherland (Producer)


Academy-Award Nominated Producer Cathleen Sutherland (BOYHOOD) holds a BS in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas. Having been exposed to film production at an impressionable age, her roots are firmly planted in the early days of independent filmmaking in Texas and is proud to still call Austin home.

Dalal Bruchmann (Composer)


Austrian born and raised Recording Artist, Film Composer and Singer, Dalal began her musical career in the United States in 2011 where she topped the Billboard Breakout Charts in the US and the UK Pop Commercial and Dance Charts.  After her move from New York City to Los Angeles Dalal started composing for motion picture productions and art projects alongside her producing partner Nate Jolley.  After releasing her debut classical record The Quiet Heart  in 2017, she has released two more albums in 2018/2019.  Dalal was recently nominated for two Hollywood Music in Media Awards in partnership with  Maesa Pullman  for their score for the feature film Indigo Valley.

Dalal is currently a solo artist for Warner Classics/Warner Music Group.

Stephanie Ann Canto (Writer)


 With a background in Painting and Sculpture and a Master of Fine Arts degree from The New York Academy of Art, Stephanie Ann Canto found her way into filmmaking while teaching Film History at The New York Film Academy in Manhattan and Los Angeles.  She continues to develop projects and create original screenplays from her LA based production company Canto House Pictures.  

Richard Mettler (Editor)


Nancy Gould (Costume Designer)

Leila Dallal (Production Designer)


Leila Dallal has over a decade of experience in the Art Dept.  She first began her career on the series, “Friday Night Lights" created by Peter Berg, and over the years, has had the opportunity to work and travel on Richard Linklater’s movies, starting with “Bernie" in 2011 and most recently on “Where’d You Go Bernadette”. In addition to working on over a dozen inspiring long-format shows, she has extensive experience on commercials.  She has decorated or propped over a hundred commercials and has Designed forty. 

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