The Shot

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A young mother is forced to extreme measures when a Texas Ranger and his mysterious partner seek shelter from the rain. Set in 1844, Republic of Texas, The Shot is a story of survival and prejudice.


Directed by Actor turned director Adan Canto (Netflix's Designated Survivor) and shot in central Texas, The Shot  is the second short film from Canto.  Oscar nominated producer Cathleen Sutherland, of Boyhood produced the film alongside Adan and writer Stephanie Ann Canto. Emmy nominated Cinematographer Gonzalo Amat (Man In The High Castle) was also onboard for the project.  Original Music Compositions by Dalal Bruchmann.  


Stephanie Ann Canto

Theo Rossi

Walt Roberts

Austin Alexander 

Pat Turner

and Linnea Magdamo 


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The Shot Short Film